NO sign-up fees. NO contract

Rates are for recurring / autodraft payments. If you choose not to sign up for recurring / autodraft payment, rates are $5.00 more per month. Couples & Groups rates are ONLY available through recurring / autodraft payment and must be billed to single debit or credit card. Memberships may be terminated or placed on hold at any time but cannot be refunded. You must notify us prior to your renewal in order to hold or cancel your membership.



Individual: $35.00

Couples: $60.00

Group Rates: Pricing available upon request. Minimum of 5 people. 

Student Athlete: $25.00 

Dependents: $15.00 each 

Dependents under 21 may be added to an adult (over 22) account. Dependents under 16 MUST be accompanied by the account holder. 

Keycards: $5.00 each